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ISDC username (your university E-mail address) enables you free access to all ISDC data web-sites such as Fast Analysis and Geobase. Access to Fast Analysis is standard for researchers, teachers and students (graduate and up) in the ISDC member institutions. Access to Geobase is free.
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ISDC Terms and Conditions of Use
    I hereby acknowledge and agree that the datasets in the ISDC web-site have been made available for statistical use only and that their copyrights belongs to the data source.
    I hereby undertake:
  1. Not to use the data for non-academic purposes.
  2. Not to make an attempt to identify individuals, households and firms in the dataset.
  3. Not to give, sell or transfer, in any way, the data, or part of it, to anyone else.
  4. To keep all related materials (files, documentation, magnetic, optic media etc.) in a place and manner so that no one, except the applicant, have access to it.
  5. To make a reference, in every publication related to this data, to the data source (such as The Central Bureau of Statistics) and to the Social Sciences Data Center (ISDC) at the Hebrew University as the data distributor.
      I agree to the Terms and Conditions above      
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