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463. Household Expenditure Survey 2002
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

This dataset keeps on the series of annual Household Expenditure Surveys, started in 1997. The survey's primary use is to determine weights for the consumption "basket" of the Consumer Price Index. It also expands the database used for household income data. The dataset consists of 3 record types per household: record #947801 presents household demographic composition, ownership and use of housing, cars and electric appliances. Record #947802 lists household incomes and expenditures. Few of them are more detailed than others. Each record #947803 provides data on one household member (including children), containing his/her demographic profile, labour force characteristics and detailed incomes from work, pension and allowances. The 2002 survey covers East Jerusalem as well. N=6,227 households and 20,887 individuals.

602. Incomes Survey 2002
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

Income Surveys play a significant role in estimating income levels and inequality among various population groups. Since 1997, the Central Bureau of Statistics has been producing a series of income estimates based on a mixed dataset derived from both Incomes and Household Expenditure surveys; both of them now use the same definitions and estimation system. The dataset consists of two record types: A household record (#960001) details household composition, number of providers, and incomes from work, from allowances and from other sources. Each household member aged 15+ has an individual record (#960002) that portrays a detailed demographic profile, labor force characteristics, wages and personal incomes from various sources. The dataset is available with SAS, STATA or SPSS definition statements. N=14,201 households and 23,816 individuals aged 15+.

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