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The core questionnaire of the Social Survey conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2003, has been loaded, with minor changes (recodes) to FastAnalysis. Authorized users can browse the variable list, examine the marginal frequencies, and download the dataset or sub-sets to their PC for statistical analysis. Rather than download the data, they can run selected statistical procedures such as tabulation, regression and comparison of means.

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A bulk of series have been updated during the last couple of months. The majority of Geobase figures are extracted from the publications of the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Total, by age groups and population groups, in localities, districts, sub-districts and regional councils
Sources of population growth - Births, deaths, internal migration and first settlement of new immigrants

Building and Housing
Residential building begun, ending and active building, by initiating sector
Non-residential building begun, ending and active building, by initiating sector
Approval of private construction
Supply of dwelling and sold dwelling

Labour and wages
Labour Force Characteristics
Employed persons by economic branch, place of residence and district of employment
Employed persons according to the National Insurance Institute
Unemployed rates; Unemployed by population group and sex.

Local Economic activity
Manufacturing indices for districts
Data from Industry & Craft Survey for districts, sub districts and large cities
VAT data for commerce and services: dealers and revenues

ISDC staff acts to avoid errors in the data input to GEOBASE. Yet, if you find an error, please report it by printing the table, marking the error and send it by
fax to: 02-588-3004

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