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816. Labour Force Survey 2003
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

The dataset of Labour Force Survey 2003 (LFS) has been received, processed and is now ready for distribution. It enlarges the series of 37 years of CBS Labour Force datasets held by ISDC. In 2003, the Central Bureau of Statistics published a new version of the 1993 standard classification of economic branches with further categorization of high-tech branches. For example, the code of Other Telecommunication Services (661) was broken into telephony, cable broadcasting, satellite broadcasting and Internet suppliers. The programming and system analysis services code (721) has been further broken into natural sciences R&D and R&D in the social sciences and humanities. However, the majority of the 3 digit classifications have not been modified. Another change has been made in coding workplaces with more than one activity. The 2003 LFS dataset includes both the 1993 economic branch code and the 2003 code. As announced last year, ISDC provides users with one of two LFS anonymous data versions. The PUF version is available for all users while the more detailed dataset will soon be available to faculty members who sign an MUC contract with the CBS (N=103,380).

Dataset #816: Labour Force Survey 2002 is now available also in Fast Analysis.

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