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850-853. Palestinian Labour Force Surveys 2000-2003 (4 datasets)
Source: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)

Since 1995, the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics conducts quarterly Labour Force Surveys in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In many ways, the design of these surveys follows the Israeli Labour Force Surveys. However, they also investigate daily wage (appears in the dataset as a grouped variable) and have no panel follow-up. The sample frame consists of a master sample of enumeration areas (EAs) selected from the Palestinian population census 1997. A quarterly sample consists of about 7,500 households with response rate of 82-85%. For further information about the survey methods and sampling procedure, see its methodology description.

The questionnaire includes demographic details such as household size and age composition; personís marital status; schooling; labour force status and characteristics; reasons for non-participation in labour force; unemployment; underemployment and other topics. Occupation and Economic Branch are classified by 2-digit codes. An annual dataset includes between 77,000 and 93,000 persons aged 15 and over. Annual statistical reports are available on the PCBS website.

Please note that the data of the Labour Force Surveys conducted in the occupied territories by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics until 1995, are also available at ISDC (datasets #581-583).

Soon expected from the Central Bureau of Statistics:
Income Survey 2003 and Household Expenditure Survey 2003

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