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2005 ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research

ICPSR Summer Program offers research students and novice faculty members a comprehensive, integrated course in research design, statistics, data analysis, and social methodology. The program provides active participatory data analytic experiences that complement formal lectures and discussions. In general, emphasis is focused on those courses and subjects that are not normally integral part of the curricula of member institutions.

There are two four-week Summer Program sessions, with intensive seminars and special workshops. The first session will take place in June 27-July 22 and the second in July 25-August 19 2005.

ISDC, representing the Israeli National Membership in ICPSR consortium, allocates a small subsidy for 1-2 Israeli participants every year. Still, candidates are well advised to obtain other funds for travel and accommodation expenses.

For further information, course description and online registration, check the program web-site.

    Applications for ISDC support should arrive at our office by e-mail, fax or snail-mail, by April 17 and include:
  • A copy of the completed ICPSR registration form
  • Two letters of recommendation (students only)
  • Curriculum Vitae

A new Authorization system for ISDC web-sites

A new authorization shell for GEOBASE and FastAnalysis has been recently launched. It enables the user to choose a password not dictated by the software, to change it and to ask for a password reminder. It also provides the ISDC staff with better usage monitoring as well as better protection of the statistical confidentiality in Fast Analysis. The shell was developed by Alan Rubin of the ISDC staff.

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