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549. Social Mobility 2001
Source: Matras, Judah; Stier, Haya & Rebecca Raijman

The main purpose of the study was to investigate occupational patterns and social mobility of Israeli adults. The study was conducted in year 2001 on a representative sample of Israel households. Only one adult (age 18+) was investigated in each sampled household, using an extended questionnaire (record #954901). These major respondents were asked about their current work and occupational status at the workplace as well as on their entire occupational history: mode of getting each job, period of each work, economic branch and status at work, weekly work hours, managerial status, reason for leaving the job, childrenís age at those work periods and childcare arrangement while they were working. The dataset also includes respondentsí detailed marital, child-birth and cohabitation histories, incomes and economic status, self-definition of religiosity, attitudes toward work and political attitudes. Major respondents also reported on the other adult members of their household using a short questionnaire (record #954902). Record #954902 contains basic demographic and occupational details of the other adults in the household, including occupational status 5 years ago, parents' place of birth and parents' occupational status when those adults were 16 year old. Altogether, the dataset includes details of 3,253 individuals. The research has been sponsored by Israel Science Foundation and directed by Haifa University while the field work was carried out by B.I. Cohen Institute of Tel-Aviv University. N= 1,203 major respondents and 2,050 other adults in the same households.


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