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Household Expenditure Survey 2000

Household Expenditure Survey 2001

Public open dataset: 2003 Election Survey conducted by Arian & Shamir, has been excluded from FastAnalysis authorization gate and is now open as a demo dataset.

New small datasets in ISDC collection:

647. Election Study 1999
Author: Abraham Diskin, Hebrew University

The study investigated political attitudes, voting intentions for the 1999 Elections and political participation in Israel. The questionnaire addressed attitudes toward democracy, national agenda issues such as the peace process, Palestinian state, and future of the occupied territories, evaluation of parties and candidates, political trends and past electoral behavior. Respondents were questioned in face-to-face interviews. N=995.

719. Goldthorpe Class Schema for Israel
Author: Meir Yaish, Haifa University

This index enable the user to apply the Goldthorpe class codes to the 1972 1994 classifications of occupations. For more information about the Israeli adaptation of the Goldthorpe class schema, see: Yaish, M. ' Israel's Class Structure' (Hebrew).

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