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A new dataset from the Central Bureau of Statistics

605. Income Survey 2005
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

The Income Survey plays a crucial role in estimating income levels and inequality among various population groups. Since 1997, the Central Bureau of Statistics has been producing a series of income estimates based on a mixed dataset derived from Incomes and Household Expenditure Surveys; both of which are now using similar definitions and estimation system. The dataset consists of two files: A household file (N=14,54): details household composition, number of providers, and incomes from work, from allowances and from other sources. An individual file for household members aged 15+ (N=34,988): portrays a detailed demographic profile, labor force characteristics, wages, and personal incomes from various sources. Since the 2003 dataset, codes of localities appear only for localities with more than 20,000 residents. The dataset is available with SAS, STATA, or SPSS data definition statements. A detailed description of the dataset is available in the ALEPH catalogue as well as in the new DDI test version catalog. Please send your comments and suggestions to the new catalog to Eyal Nahum or to Hagai Dror.

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Household Expenditure Survey 2005.
Income Survey 2004 on Fast Analysis.

New at ISDC

Last August, Michal Panet-Peleg has retired, and I was nominated to take the position of ISDC executive director. I am a sociology graduate from Tel-Aviv University, and have recently completed my Ph.D under the supervision of Prof. Haya Stier. Beginning October 1, Inbal Katz, MBA graduate student, will be replacing Galit Avni as a research assistant at ISDC. I would like to take the opportunity and wish you all - data users, data providers, and colleagues, a happy and successful new year. We at ISDC, will continue to serve you as we have done so far, and with your cooperation, support and encourage social sciences empirical research.


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