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A new dataset

466. Household Expenditure Survey 2004
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

The survey, conducted annually by Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, aims to obtain data on the composition of household budgets, as well as additional data that characterize various aspects of living standard such as consumption patterns. Following major improvements in the CBS procedures together with continual requests from ISDC for additional variables, as of the 2003 survey the CBS extended the dataset prepared for the academic users to include nearly all the expenditure items. Consequently, the expenditure record has been sliced into multiple short lines each of which contains only one item. The household record now includes more details of the apartment and the socio-economic score of the locality of residence. The individual record has also been extended. Economic Branch is now classified by two rather than one digit codes. The survey population includes all households in Israel excluding Kibbutzim, communal Moshavim, institutions and Bedouins who live out of localities. The dataset is released by ISDC with both SAS, SPSS and STATA control statements. N= 6,132 households and 20,393 individuals.

Following the arrival of this dataset, the dataset of 2003 Household Expenditure Survey will soon be added to FastAnalysis.

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