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New dataset from the Central Bureau of Statistics

785. Social Survey, 2006
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

The 2006 survey prolongs the series of Social Surveys the Central Bureau of Statistics has launched in 2002. It is a continuing survey carried out annually on a sample of persons aged 20 and older, integrating factual data, typically collected in other CBS surveys, with attitudes regarding these facts. Thus, it measures both objective and subjective well-being across time. Each survey questionnaire consists of two parts: a set of 200 core questions repeated annually, covering the respondent's situation in the principal areas of social life (family, health, education, work, etc.) and his or her evaluation of their situation, and a variable module which focuses on a different policy-relevant topic each survey year. In 2006 the variable module investigated different aspects related to carer's' services, provided without financial compensation and it supplies up to date information on the wellbeing of the Israeli population and their living conditions. The purpose of the variable module this year is to present information such as the extent of the phenomenon, actions carried out by caregivers, time and expenditure spent on providing care, implications on participation in labour force, feelings towards care giving and motivation and financial values.

1. The data (N=7,289) is available in two versions. The PUF version is available for all users. The MUC version is more detailed and is available only to researchers from affiliated institutions who sign the MUC contract with the Central Bureau of Statistics.
2. ISDC has organized the MUC file to include two records for each case. The first consists of the core and changing questionnaire for each respondent and the second includes demographic details of other household members.

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