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A new dataset from the Central Bureau of Statistics

386. Road Accidents with Casualties, 2005
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

The Central Bureau of Statistics builds annual accident files from Israel Police's current report of road accidents. The Traffic Police records every accident with casualties and later on, updates it with data from hospitals and other sources. The whole system of reporting road accidents is now being reinvestigated by a public committee established for this purpose. An accident record contains the time and place of occurrence, road conditions, major factors leading to the accident and its severity, description of casualties and details concerning the vehicles and drivers involved, excluding identifying data. For accidents occurring on urban roads, the locality code, street code and house number are listed as well. For interurban roads, the road, road section and kilometer are listed. As of 2003, a few geographical identifiers have been added for both the place of accident and the residence locality of the involved persons. An index of road sections and road codes is available in a separate file. An accident (case) record consists of one line per accident and a variable number of lines for vehicles and for involved persons who can be injured persons, drivers in the involved vehicles, or both. (N=17,509).

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