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783. Social Survey 2004
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

The 2004 Social Survey is the third in a series of current annual surveys the Central Bureau of Statistics launched in 2002. Its main purpose is to provide up-to-date information regarding the welfare and living conditions of de jure population of Israel. The survey is carried out annually on a sample of persons aged 20 and older, integrating factual data, typically collected in other ICBS surveys, with attitudes regarding these facts. Thus, it measures both objective and subjective well-being across time. Each Survey questionnaire consists of two parts: a permanent core which contains approximately 100 questions on various areas of life; and an additional section which focuses on a different policy-relevant topic each year.

The 2004 additional section investigated child-care arrangements excluding school and other formal education frameworks. The survey was ordered and supported by the Ministry of Finance. The questions on child-care arrangements were asked with respect to each child aged 0-13, and with respect to each of the frameworks in which the child is placed. The respondents were asked about their considerations in selecting a child-care framework, their satisfaction with the framework, The extend to which the cost of the child-care arrangement is a burden on the household budget, and many other questions.

The dataset contains 3 data files: the core questionnaire (N=7,616); the additional questionnaire about children aged 0-13 (N=6,346); and a non-interview file. Users of this dataset should note that the weight assigned to records in the child-care file is different from the weight in the core questionnaire file. ICBS states that merging these two files by number of questionnaire might cause biased estimates and false conclusions. The core questionnaire will be loaded, with minor omissions, to FastAnalysis. Users can order from the ISDC either the core file or both parts. The data from the core questionnaires is also available in the ICBS Table Generator.

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