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New datasets from Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

818. Labour Force Survey 2004
The series of Labour Force Surveys (LFS) held by the ISDC includes all LFS datasets starting from 1967. LFS is the principal survey of households conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics. An annual dataset is composed of 4 quarterly Labour Force Surveys, each of them conducted on a representative sample of Israel's population aged 15+. The surveys follow the development of the labour force in Israel, its size and characteristics, the extent of unemployment and other trends. It is also a source of data on living conditions, mobility in employment, and modes of job seeking. The individual's record includes a few household details like family size and composition, housing density, domestic help and place of residence. It holds a full demographic profile of the respondent including country of birth and origin, schooling information, immigration data, detailed labour force characteristics including hours of work, occupation, economic branch, employees hired through employment agencies or employment contractors and more. Starting in 2003 LF survey, the CBS has made a few modifications to the standard classification of Economic Branches, in particular further details of High-Tech industries. Quite a few items provide information on the unemployed such as duration of unemployment, last job before unemployment, modes of job seeking and discouraged workers. ISDC provides users with one of two anonymous data versions. The PUF version is available for all users, while the more detailed dataset is available only to faculty members who sign an MUC contract with the CBS. The PUF dataset identifies cities of more than 100,000 residents while the MUC version includes codes for localities of 10,000 residents and more. N=103,473.

782. Social Survey 2003, MUC version
An MUC version of 2003 Social Survey has been received from the Central Bureau of Statistics. The very long questionnaire has been divided by ISDC into 3 subfiles: one for the core questionnaire, the second holds demographic details on the other household members while the third file includes the changing module, which in 2003 investigated poverty, economic and mental wellbeing, job security, physical conditions in the workplace and inter-generation mobility. N=7,212.
Please note that the PUF version of the Social Surveys is available in FastAnalysis.

Other news

New charts in FastAnalysis
A new version of Berkeley’s SDA software has been installed and adapted by ISDC into FastAnalysis web-site. Its main new feature is an automatic production of bar charts with the cross tabulation output.

GEOBASE upgrading project
Four years since its last major software upgrading, GEOBASE is now going through another contents and software upgrading project. The main new features are a fixed informative page for geographic units that includes items from the CBS book of localities, details about the local authority and municipal unification (if any) and reference to other sources of statistical data for that geographic unit. Other improvements are an extended textual description of each series, easier retrieval of data for sub-locality divisions (Sub-Quarters and Statistical Areas) and a new charts module. These developments follow an upgrade of Geobase software platform to Oracle 10g. The new site is anticipated to be launched before the end of 2005.

From August 14 to 23, the Hebrew University will be on summer vacation. ISDC office and offline services will be closed at this time

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