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608. Income Survey, 2008
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

Incomes Surveys are conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics on a regular basis. Their goal is to estimate income levels and inequality among various population groups. Since 1997, the Central Bureau of Statistics has been producing a series of income estimates based on a mixed dataset derived from both Incomes and Household Expenditure surveys; both of them now use the same definitions and estimation system. The dataset consists of two file types: A household file and an individual file. The household file details household composition, number of providers, and incomes from work, from allowances and from other sources. The individual file portrays a detailed demographic profile, labour force characteristics, and wages and personal incomes from various sources for each individual aged 15+ in the household. Since 2003, codes of localities appear only for localities with 20,000 residents or more.

Israeli population excluding Kibbutzim, Bedouins living outside localities and residents of institutions.

Income Survey is based on income data collected in both CBS Income Survey and the Household Expenditure Survey. The sample in both surveys is a sample of dwellings extracted in a two-phase process: in the first phase, extraction of a sample of localities using the layer method, and in the second phase, extraction of dwellings in a random-systematic manner in each chosen locality. For a full description of the survey methods, see CBS publications.

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