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A new dataset from the Central Bureau of Statistics

467. Household Expenditure Survey 2005
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

The Household Expenditure Survey is conducted annually by Israel Central Bureau of Statistics. The survey aims to obtain data on the components of household budgets, as well as additional data that characterizes various aspects of living standard such as consumption patterns, level and composition of nutrition, level and composition of income, leisure activities and entertainment and housing conditions. One of the most important uses of the survey is to determine weights for the consumption "basket" of the Consumer Price Index. Following major improvements in the CBS procedures, since 2003 the datasets have been extended to include nearly all expenditure items.

The dataset consists of 3 file types - file 1 contains general household information, including household demographic composition, dwelling, living conditions, ownership of durable goods (including cars), and the socio-economic score of the locality of residence; data on tax payments and consumption. In some consumption areas such as food, single products are specified while other consumption areas are summarized. File 2 contains detailed data regarding household incomes and expenditures on all products. The individual file (file 3) contains, in addition to demographic details, individual labor force characteristics and various income variables. Economic Branch and Occupation are classified by two digit codes.The survey population includes all households in Israel excluding Kibbutzim, communal Moshavim, institutions and Bedouins who live out of localities.

The dataset is released by ISDC with SAS, SPSS and STATA control statements. N=6,272 households and 21,046 individuals.

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