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646. Israel Election Study 2003
Authors: Asher Arian and Michal Shamir

This study follows a series of election studies conducted by Arian and Shamir since 1969, investigating voting patterns, public opinion and political participation in Israel. The study investigated attitudes towards various issues on the national agenda such as the peace process and state-religion relations. Respondents were also asked about their evaluation of parties and candidates, vote intention and past electoral behaviour. The study was conducted during January 2003, prior to the elections for the 16th Knesset. Interviews were made between January 12-25. The few items that are repeated in every study enable the analysis of public opinion over a long period. Mahshov Research Institute carried out the fieldwork using Hebrew, Russian and Arabic telephone interviews. (N= 1,234)

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816. Labor Force Survey 2002
Source: Central Bureau of Statistics

The files of 2002 Labour Force Survey (LFS) will arrive next week. Two methodological changes have been made by the CBS in 2002 LFS. First, the weighting method has been modified and second, the list of localities from which the sample is drawn, was updated as is regularly done every 5-6 years. Detailed description of these modifications and their results will soon be published by the CBS in the “Current Statistics” series. In order to enable a comparison with previous surveys, the CBS prepared a modified dataset for 2001 that will now serve as a linking year between the old and the new datasets. (N=104,143).

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1999 Election Study - 2 panels
Labour Force Survey 2001
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