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New datasets

B.I. Cohen Institute for Public Opinion Research of Tel-Aviv University has deposited two new ISSP modules at ISDC:

3680. ISSP 2001: Social Networks II
Source: International Social Survey Programme

The International Social Survey Program (ISSP) is an ongoing program of cross-national collaboration. Formed in 1984, the multi-national group develops topical modules dealing with important areas of social sciences as national surveys and runs follow-up surveys on the same topic every few years. The first ISSP survey on Social Relations named "Social Networks" was conducted in 1986 (ISDC dataset no.1620). The 2001 survey investigates 28 national samples of individuals aged 18+ using a common questionnaire that includes a detailed account of one's contacts with family members, with relatives and with friends. A series of questions relate to where one would turn to for help when faced with situations such as financial need, minor illness, career advice and emotional distress. Other questions relate to respondents political voting and his/her view of the role of government in the context of poverty and social gaps. The Israeli research group is located in B. I. Cohen Institute for Public Opinion Research at Tel Aviv University and is led by Noah Lewin-Epstein. The Israeli data was collected in face-to-face interviews between June and August 2001.

3880. ISSP 2002: Family and Changing Gender Roles III
Source: International Social Survey Programme

This is the third time ISSP has conducted a survey on Family and Changing Gender Roles. The first survey took place in 1988 (see ISDC dataset no. 1700) and the second in 1994 (ISDC dataset no. 2620). Among other questions, respondents were asked for their views of women working outside the home (especially working mothers), childcare arrangements and child rearing practices, marriage, family structure and composition and divorce. Demographic data on respondents, such as age, sex, race, ethnic identity, employment, income, marital status, education, religion, political affiliation, voting behavior, trade union membership, and household size, were also recorded. Information about other members of household includes sex, age, and relationship to the respondent. The ISSP data collections are compiled and distributed by the Zentralarchiv fur Empirische Sozialforschung, Koln, Germany. The research group that runs the Israeli ISSP surveys is located in B. I. Cohen Institute for Public Opinion Research, Tel Aviv University and is led by Noah Lewin-Epstein.

Please note that this is a preliminary version of 2002 ISSP module. The final edition will include full questionnaires and documentation as well.

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